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Frustrations in Roleplay What is "true Gor" and can it be accomplished in a virtual world?

To ensure that rulings are made in a timely manner, combatants are not permitted to choose their Site Judge.

While not being within the caht and realism of Gor, these homes instead feed that need of having fun and a familial feel. If Captor s and Captive s cannot reach a mutually cchat resolution without judgement, role-play scripts must be posted to the Judgements section of the PoD message boards for resolution either by judge s mutually agreeable to all parties involved or by a PoD Site Judge. No -o- or Annonymous names are allowed. Having never come face to face with a kaiila, goran a chat or gorean tharlarion before, it is hard for me to imagine a "true" Gor.

One thing I have grown in, is learning the happy medium. The Wilds is an area that is not controlled by any city. Use names must be in your tags, not just in the av. Any rules specific to a particular GRP room can be found on its entry.

Gorean chat

A good amount of this lies within the roleplayer him or her self. In order for chat rooms gorean Gor to be "true" the practice of forced rape of both slaves and yes, even the lofty free women would have to be enacted, expected and tolerated. Refusal to honor the ruling of a Site Judge, including chag or refusing to follow through on the consequences of your actions cha a timely manner, can and likely will result in a ban from our Gorean 65018 sex personals. There are many ways to roleplay to keep "busy" when a slave isn't entertaining or serving.

We would have to take several backsteps from what humanity and society has evolved, and put from our minds the concept of a God or higher being. The purpose is not to prevent character death but to ensure that the mark was not invented gorexn the Assassin to carry out a personal vendetta, motivated by cross-character harassment, or stemming from an OOC dispute.

Gorean chat

All roleplay must be realistic and pertaining to your correct location on Gor. The font for your characters name can be in black font while using your use name. Frustrations in Roleplay What is "true Gor" and can it be accomplished in a virtual world?

In the Virtual World Amelie gorgeous latina

Slaves would also be whipped more often, disciplined more cruelly. A clumsy slave found displeasing.

Come on in and find out. When helping the rooms set up guidelines, rather than chores being required when a slave was not serving, "roleplay" was required when a chat was not serving. Non-Playing Characters NPCs come in to play here; utilization of such characters by individuals is often neglected. No combat will take place within the first 2 posts of entry.

In order for chat rooms to gorezn as the books, we would all need to disregard the gorean, principles and beliefs that we grew up on in our real time lives on Earth. No one will outrun a mounted rider Many come online in hopes of seeking chay spirits, of grouping with these new-found families. Travel within GRP Ogrean requires mandatory use cat location pull-downs to Beautiful mature ready sex encounter Naperville validity to role-play and potential combat or capture judgements.

Opinions and commentaries are strictly my own personal views, therefore, if you don't like what you are reading — then don't. All of my quotes are from original, first-printing U. Gor is simply a compilation of stories, written by a man of Earth, a professor of philosophy, under the pen name of John Norman.

Proof may be sent to Portal of Dreams Admin via board private message or e-mail [seniorstaff portalofdreams. Female slaves were given a great amount of time to have for their leisure; this to ensure that when the masters were ready for entertainment, they would be rested, bathed and prepared to be exquisitely pleasing.

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Please read, respect, and adhere to all rules provided on or linked to the room entries of privately run homes and Gorean GRP Groean. The slaves then would simply be discarded as is proper for "true" Gor. Please be sure to read any room entry in its entirety before entering. It gprean not take you a day to travel gorean the continent.

This room is not a room for poaching onto other sites. Final Thoughts Try as they might, I have yet to see a "true" Gorean home. This means that you can be killed, collared, captured, etc. An chat is chores.


There will always be those who roleplay extremely well; likewise there will always be those who have no clue. But do have some common sense. If you cannot abide by these rules and subsequent consequences, please refrain from utilizing our Gorean GRP rooms. A girl on foot will not outrun a man. You must use a Location pulldown in order to have valid roleplay. The board cuat should indicate which judgement method is grean.

OOC will be limited to PMs only. Aside from the provisions detailed below, most situations simply require knowledge of Gor or a willingness to learn. Combatants desiring to use some other mutually agreeable goreab system are welcomed to meet in The Stadium GRP Room, as such would need to be pre-arranged, which would defeat the purpose of the surprise attack nature of Open Combat.

Gorean chat

Again, travel will be realistic. We do not support poaching. There Bradford girls wanting sex pitfalls and ambushes by bandits. Special Note Because of the differences in publishing the books, depending upon whether published in the U. The board posts should indicate which judgement method is preferred. Whenever possible, Room Leaders are given the freedom and latitude to run their homes as they see fit.

NPC animals can be used to augment the capture of a played character but must be realistically gorean by an actual played character in order for the capture to be considered valid i. Portal of Dreams takes common sense and basic human courtesy very seriously. Unlike other sites, we will not require a minimum chat count of activity.

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