Just chat bored silly in denmark


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What do you text about? Updated 09 December All that congratulating or commiserating gave your thumbs a good work out! for the full story But denmari else do you write in your texts? Do you mostly send greeting style txts on special occasions - or just to say hello on any old day? Perhaps you prefer to text things like jokes, gossip or have a conversation?

In Danish law, if a death is characterised as a hate crime, tied to racial animus, it would carry the possibility of an increased jail sentence. I text when I un some interesting news or when it's urgent or something.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

Anna, 15, Edinburgh I txt about boys I fancy in my class! We both support Liverpool so we text each other as we watch the game if we score or something good happens.

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Penny, 13, Milton Keynes. Why text when you can or talk on an instant messenger for free?

Lorna, 15, Essex I text my best friend about the football. Or maybe you use it in a practical way to make arrangements to meet up or send reminders. I vote for music videos that I want to see on the TV and I enter competitions.

The two brothers are white. Both legs broken, fingers broken, nose broken, testicles crushed, branded with a hot iron on ears, face and torso, beaten, kicked and stomped all over his body, Johansen died a dwnmark hours later, after asphyxiating on his own blood. What makes a hate crime? Hate crimes are recognised under Danish law.

They appear to have believed that because there was a personal motive chay the killing, it could not also be a hate crime. It's all about keeping in touch with each other.

It's better than talking on the phone because my mum always listens when I'm talking to my boyfriend and I text my mates when they're on the other side of the classroom. Brooke, 13, New Zealand I use willy for everything!

Just chat bored silly in denmark

All that congratulating or commiserating gave your thumbs a good work out! It's cheaper then chatting on the phone!

Caitlin, 13, Hemel Hempstead I use it to talk really as I have a lot of mates from clubs I don't see very much. Amy, 12, Woking I try not to text too much. If I find a cool joke or quote I'll send them that.

It's a great way to greet people on special occasions as well as just catch up with mates. Amanda, 14, UK I always text my mates jokes and things.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

But if I had a mobi, I'd text my mum to tell her where I am and all silky or my mates to invite 'em round, and so on and so on Euan, 11, Newbury Just to plan meeting up with friends and my boyfriend. Laura, 11, Sheffield I txt my friends because I don't see a lot of them as they have moved school. Kathryn, 13, Aberdeen I text about lots of things especially if I'm bored.

The prosecution charged the defendants with murder, arguing they knew Johansen could die from their attack. It's one of the most boring ways of communicating and it's hard to read all the abbreviations. Progressive politicians condemned this narrow reading of racial animus. Juat we also use MSN as that's cheaper and it's instant renmark.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

The defendants, on the other hand, argued they were guilty of manslaughter because they did not intend for him to die. Perhaps you prefer to text things like jokes, gossip or have a conversation? Kenzie, 13, London I txt my mates ailly I forget something or just generally to talk. From the start of this case, a debate began over what role race played in the crime. Read the original article.

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Helen, 15, Boref I just txt cos I am bored and to hear some gossip. And anyway, it's cheaper than sending a mail through the post.

Helen, 15, Birmingham I txt mostly when I'm bored, a money wasting thing to do, but hey! The case has divided public opinion all over Denmark, and beyond.

Just chat bored silly in denmark

Sian, 12, Leicester I use it for anything. Tom, 13, Hornsea I text my friends about arrangements and just to say hello sometimes. In other words, bias studies confirm the existence of vast, complex prejudices which we do not consciously recognise or control.

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